The Solution Suggestion Technique

You may be aware of a product introduction or ad campaign being conducted by an employer in which you are interested. Or you may be a user of their product or service. If you have a valid suggestion for improvement, drop a note to a key person detailing this information. Most executives enjoy getting this kind of feedback direct from their customers and welcome honest suggestions. "A thought occurred to me while using your product…"

There are plenty of potential areas of focus with any company, among which are areas where you might be able to offer a benefit for the company. Do you feel you can add value by:

  • Increasing sales?
  • Expanding market share?
  • Increasing efficiency?
  • Upgrading technology?
  • Reducing production cycle time?
  • Reducing costs?

Remember, anything you can provide as a potential benefit is reason enough to make contact. Find a potential problem and come up with your own basic solution to present to the company. It's an extra touch that very few college students would even consider attempting. It may provide your entry point into the company. And it then gives you the chance to ask about employment opportunities.