The Hybrid Approach

The hybrid approach uses the same basic script as the indirect approach (and therefore has the advantages associated with the "no-pressure" approach), but adds a crucial direct approach statement at the end of the conversation:

"And are there any areas within your company that could utilize my background and abilities?"

Although it is a direct approach, when used in tandem with the indirect opening lines, it usually makes for a very comfortable direct statement. And it can often develop more external contacts than the direct approach by itself.

If the only available answers are positive, you will get a positive answer.

Use the above scripts as basic guidelines, then develop your own standard script. Use a script only as a guide, not as a verbatim recitation. If you do, you will end up sounding stiff and lifeless. Use scripts only as your practice material, then develop a personal presentation when you are fully comfortable with your approach. Most of all, make sure you modify your script to add wording that may flow naturally when you are making your presentation. If you mention something particularly poignant during one of your phone conversations, write it down and incorporate it into your standard script. If you are asked a question for which you have no ready answer, write it down—and make sure you have a ready answer the next time.