The Spelled Name Technique

If you are making a second attempt to get past a Guardian of the Gate who previously asked for your name, as soon as you recognize her voice, beat her to the punch by saying,

"Hello, this is _____. That's _____ (then spell your last name). Could you please put me through to _____?"

We all love to hear the sound of our name -pronounced correctly. Make sure you know the correct pronunciation or you will be screened.

Its rather strange, but sometimes by spelling your name it disarms the Guardian of the Gate. She has to stop what she is doing and write down your name. And since you have called before, your name will likely be vaguely familiar, although she may not be sure when and where she heard it before. This is one time when having an unusual last name can truly work in your favor! Usually this will gain at least a check with the boss, and sometimes even fully unlock the gate. Try it!