How to Get Past Fraulein Frieda, Guardian of the Gate

Fraulein FriedaEvery company has its "Guardian of the Gate"—a person who rises to the level of mythological beast when you are trying to get through on the other end of the phone. As hard as we may try to get inside, this person keeps cutting us off. "Who is calling?" "What is this regarding?" "I'm sorry, but we don't have any openings at this time." "Just send your information to Human Resources and they will call you if there are any openings." Whew! The Fraulein Friedas of the world can be a true pain when you are trying to get to the Hiring Manager. It could be on your first call or (worse yet) when you are on step #2, calling the Hiring Manager. And here comes the screen, trying to keep you from reaching your target. Do not give up easily. The following are ten nifty ways to get past Fraulein Frieda.