How to Use the News to Your Advantage

People love to see their name in print. They love it even more when others see it.

You are probably already scanning the online news and industry trade publications for information on people in your industry (if you are not, you should be). So the next time you see someone's "name in lights" you may want to send the link to the person, noting that it was nice to see that they were referenced and/or quoted in the new. Ironically, the higher up these executives are, the less likely they are to be aware of stories where their name appeared in print. Even if they are aware of the story, most will appreciate receiving the link. And this is also an excellent time to give a brief bio on who you are and your interest in their company. You've clearly been following them, which gives you an insider track. You can optionally attach your resume (aggressive approach) or wait for them to request one (passive approach). When you do pass along your information, if will now be on an internal track for further review, passed along by the person you contacted.