The Visualization Technique

The use of mental visualization can be extremely helpful in preparing for your interview. You can, by visualization, experience your coming interview, including a rehearsal of how you would react in specific situations.

Share your vision with me. If I am unable to see it, lend me your eyes so that I may also see. It is your vision, but you must give it away for others to see it and help you achieve it.

Many great athletes prepare for competition through visualization. And many of the great feats of history have been accomplished first through visualization. Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to scale the heights of Mount Everest, was asked by a young reporter how it felt to be the first man to touch the peak of Everest. Hillary replied that it felt exactly the same as each of the previous times. What the puzzled reporter failed to see is that Hillary had already successfully scaled Everest many times through visualization.

In preparing for the interview, go through the motions in your mind. Anticipate the questions that may be asked. Visualize yourself as confident and self-assured. Not cocky, just confident in your background and the benefits you can provide the employer. Play the part over and over again until you feel you have truly lived it. Visualize your success until it becomes reality.