The Sneak Preview Technique

A variation on the Show-and-Tell Technique is to provide the company with a sneak preview of what they can expect of you as an employee. While Show-and-Tell looks backward at job portfolio material you have developed in the past, the Sneak Preview focuses on the future. This technique works well when you have been given an indication (perhaps in a previous on-campus interview or phone interview) that there is a certain level of proficiency which the company is seeking. Take this as your cue to prepare for that question in advance.

An example of the use of this technique comes from a Multimedia Developer, who was asked in an initial interview if he knew a particular multimedia presentation software package. While he acknowledged that he did not at the time, he promised to research the package and provide a demo of his results at the next interview.

He found the presentation software to be very similar to one he had worked with extensively. After developing a full presentation based on company marketing materials, he presented the results in the office of his future manager. He noted that the presentation was put together in his spare time with little training. That sneak preview not only landed him a job offer, but also expanded the scope of initial responsibilities on the job (and his overall pay).