The Proof Positive Technique

Another variation of the Show-and-Tell Technique and Sneak Preview Technique will provide you with a way to fill a stated need, especially in a later or final interview. The need for a required proficiency may be requested in the form of a "Have you ever" question. If the answer is no, you can still show proficiency by offering to provide them with the output or results in a short period of time. This is an ideal way to answer the unanswerable question. Ask the interviewer for time to solve the problem, then take it home, do your research, prepare your result, and present your solution. Then ask for the job.

Give me a reason to hire you and I may do exactly that.

You cannot prepare for this technique as you could for the previous techniques. But it is an excellent way to respond to an interview question for which you have no experience to reference. Everyone says they are a fast learner. This technique is your way to prove it.

For example, a Communications major was asked if she had ever developed Flash presentations. She stated that she had not, but went on to say that she was a quick study, and to prove the point, she would take the corporate flyer which he had been given, put it into Flash format, and deliver the result via e-mail by 8:00 A.M. the following morning.

She went straight from the interview to her computer, downloaded a trial copy of Flash, spent the better part of the evening researching Flash development, then developed and delivered the final product on time the following morning. Proof positive indeed!