All Eyes Are on You

Your choice of eyewear can also be considered a part of your interview dress. Glasses or contacts? For those of you who have this choice available, consider it wisely. There are preconceived notions (as you are probably well aware) about wearing glasses. Specific potential positives include attention to detail, focus, and intelligence. Potential negatives include awkwardness, shyness, and lack of human interaction. While these stereotypical attributes are obviously just that—stereotypes—they are still extant in our society.

If you have the option of wearing contacts versus glasses, use the following as the guideline for which to wear:

  1. Contacts: people positions—consulting, sales, advertising, customer service, etc.
  2. Glasses: data/things positions—accounting, information systems, engineering, etc.

If you do choose to wear glasses, wear a pair with conservative frames. There is little you can do to change the stereotypes, but you should be aware of the potential positives and negatives and adjust accordingly.