The Industry Proofing Technique

Just when you think you are finished with your resume, you still have some work to do. Actually, it's work required of others, but you need to solicit their input. The key to having your resume successfully reviewed is to ask someone who is actively working in your chosen field to review it. A professional in your career or industry can review your resume for the correct usage of buzzwords, keywords, and other industry terminology. Content critiquing is extremely important when doing an industry proofing. Try to avoid format reviews, since ten different people will have ten different formatting preferences. It's best to stick with the conservative format outlined in this chapter.

Proofread your resume at least three different times. It's amazing how much still needs to be changed after the third proofing.

After the industry expert has reviewed your resume, they may also prove to be one of your first and most important network contacts. Ask them, "Based on my resume, what are the top five employers you would recommend for me to contact in my job search?" Two birds, one stone.

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