Resumes Are Never Complete

A play on words here, with an intended dual meaning. First, resumes never provide the full story of who you are, nor should they. Resumes are meant to be your introduction toward gaining a face-to-face interview with a prospective employer. And they will serve as a guide within the interview. They will never serve as your life history or as the starting document for your autobiography. Remember to keep your resume in its proper perspective as an initial marketing brochure.

Mass mailing your resume is one of the most ineffective methods of job search. If that is all you are doing, you are barely looking.

Second, now that your resume is "finished," do not assume it is complete. You should continually modify and update your resume as your search progresses. Gain new experience? Add it to your resume. See a better way to state your education? Modify your resume. Find out that a point in your background could be viewed as a negative? Remove it from your resume and replace it with a positive. Keep your resume as a living document which can be updated and changed to suit your specific needs.

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