Listing Your GPA on Your Resume

To list or not to list? The answer to the question is rather simple, yet often ignored. If your overall GPA is 3.0 or higher, list it on your resume. If your major GPA is 3.0 or higher, while your overall GPA is below 3.0, list it as your "Major GPA" on your resume. You can list both if they are above 3.0 and your major GPA is at least three tenths higher than your overall GPA. If your university does not calculate your major GPA, you can do it on your own with a calculator or simple spreadsheet. And always round the number to the nearest tenth. I know the Registrar's Office may provide it to the hundredth or even thousandth, but this is not an exercise in higher math.

And yes, I am fully aware that if your resume lacks your GPA, it likely means that you missed the coveted 3.0. Be prepared with a very good reason why you fell short. If you are an undergrad, you may still have time to make up for your earlier carelessness in not keeping up your grades.

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