The Live Reference Technique

A unique yet effective spin on the standard reference is to actually record (either on audio tape or video tape) your references talking about you. It requires some time, effort, and a level of technical proficiency to put together, but when used in proper application (especially in any of the creative arts fields) it can supply a key differentiating factor in distinguishing you from your competition. A broadcast communications major used this technique and edited the references into a master tape of short clips, which was provided to interested potential employers. It not only delivered his references live, but also gave an indication of his professional editing capabilities.

Use caution when using this technique. Don't just do raw cuts with an available camcorder or tape recorder. Make sure you take the time to have it done in a professional manner. If you lack the necessary technical skills, you might be able to encourage a more proficient friend or classmate to take on the task. As a by-product, they can then use this experience as a project listing on their resume.

An additional caution: like any technique that varies from accepted standards, use only as appropriate. While it will almost always work in any of the communications and creative arts fields, it might be considered too extravagant for a conservative accounting firm.