The Testimonial Cover Letter Technique

A unique, highly effective way to get your message across to a prospective employer is to add testimonials to your cover letter. Testimonials add credibility to your presentation. They provide more than the "I think I'm great" viewpoint by showing that someone else also thinks you are great.

There are three ways to incorporate this technique into your cover letter. The first is to place the testimonial quote within the body of the cover letter, along with the person's name and phone number in parentheses. The testimonial can be provided as a separate paragraph or can be incorporated into the text of the skills/benefits paragraph. The second is to actually use a testimonial letter as a full cover letter. The third is to include a copy of one of your testimonial letters along with your resume. The following chapter includes examples of testimonials and letters of reference.

Testimonials can provide expansive power to your personal presentation. Make sure you take full advantage of them whenever the opportunity presents itself.