Make an Impact at the Job Fair

The Key to the Treasure Technique

At the end of your job fair interview, no matter how short or how long, ask the recruiter for the key to the treasure: "What is the key to successfully moving on to the next step in the hiring process?" Rather bold, but they often will tell you very specifically your next steps. Take careful note of what is said and make sure you follow through. It is the formula for the next step in the path toward success.

The Lasting Impression Technique

Before you leave the job fair, return to the booth of any employer in which you have an interest. Wait for a break in the action, then step up to the Recruiter and thank them again for their time. Let them know that you will be in touch and that you look forward to speaking with them again.

This lasting impression will help the recruiter to remember your name and face when you do make contact again. After all, there may be a stack of one hundred to two hundred resumes for the Recruiter to filter through after the job fair is over. This is a guarantee that you will be remembered above others.

The Absolutely Critical Last Step of the Job Fair

As it is in any other part of the job search, the critical last step is follow-up! Yet, sadly, very few students ever follow-up. Make sure you are the one who stands out in the crowd. First, call the number on the business card of the person with whom you met. They will obviously be out of the office, but they likely will be checking messages that evening. If it's a general phone line, ask to be put through to his or her voicemail, where you will leave a personal "thank you." Then send a "thank you" card by email to confirm your ongoing interest. What to say? Keep it short and sweet. But make sure you include the following topics:

  • "Thanks for taking time to meet with me today…"
  • "Here is why I feel I would be an outstanding employee for your company…"
  • "I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further…"
  • "I will call you next week to arrange a time when we can meet and further discuss how my skills can benefit your organization…"

Then make sure you do in fact call when you said you would. Again, very few follow through to this step, so you will be head and shoulders above the crowd at this point, and very likely the one they choose to go on to the next step.

No job offers will be made at the job fair. But if you perform at your very best and follow through on all the steps, you may be on your way toward the final interview at the company site.

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