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  • Looking for Projectionists in Los Angeles - PxP Media - Los Angeles, CA

    As a projectionist , you will be asked to operate a projector at various outdoor locations in Los Angeles. You will be responsible for setting up the projector and operating it on different walls in ...

  • 2021 MVFF House Manager - Mill Valley Film Festival - San Rafael, CA

    Check in with Projectionist on radio. Confirm all films, trailers and Sponsor Slides for the day are ready * Maintain audience traffic flow upon ingress and egress * Keeping staff and customers ...

  • Food and Beverage Runner - Cinepolis Theaters - Dallas, TX

    Be cognizant of issues with movie projections-communicating with management or the projectionist when issues arise * Inform management of guest complaints and or maintenance requests * Complete all ...

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What Motion picture projectionists Do

Set up and operate motion picture projection and related sound reproduction equipment.

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