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  • Airfield Operations Specialist - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority - Orlando, FL

    Monitor all activities on the AOA and airside terminal complexes and enforce best safety practices. Confirm compliance with Federal Aviation

  • Airfield Management Specialist - Air National Guard - Salem, OR

    Information will include flight plans, aeronautical charts, navigational aids and weather data. To qualify, you'll need a high school diploma

  • Airfield Operations Specialist - City of St. Louis - Saint Louis, MO

    Must be familiar with airport operations, communication systems, safety procedures, and FAA regulations

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What Airfield operations specialists Do

Ensure the safe takeoff and landing of commercial and military aircraft. Duties include coordination between air-traffic control and maintenance personnel; dispatching; using airfield landing and navigational aids; implementing airfield safety procedures; monitoring and maintaining flight records; and applying knowledge of weather information.

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