College Career Centers

Following is our Commitment to College Career Centers:

"At, we are fully committed to working with and through college career centers. Not as a competitive resource, but as a complementary (and complimentary) resource. We recognize the value provided by college career centers and will do our best to continue to refer students and grads to the career center for personal and professional career guidance and job search assistance. We acknowledge that we cannot replace the human one-on-one touch of a career professional who is dedicated to the success of the students and grads. We will do our best to continue to offer complementary services to enhance the career center whenever possible. We recognize that we can add additional value to what is being provided by the college career centers and that college career centers are our partners in providing additional value which we cannot provide. We give our commitment that we will not in any way attempt to take away from the tremendous value which is provided by college career centers. We will continue in our mission to help college students and recent grads in their job search. And we recognize that the first career visit for college students should be at the career center, not at our site."