Candidate Interview Questions

Most Internet content on interview questions focuses exclusively on the questions being asked by the interviewer (which we have located at our site as well). This section is different in that it focuses on the questions that candidates can (and do) ask the interviewer. Candidate questions, being asked by the candidate during the course of the interview.

Employers, ask yourself the question: "Would I be prepared to answer these questions when asked by a candidate?" And candidates, review the questions for each group, but then go to the last link on this page for the recommended select candidate questions.

If you are recruiting from the outside as a third-party headhunter or recruiter, there is an entirely new set of questions that you need to be prepared for:

If you are sold on a candidate and ready to make an offer, the most feared question often is: "Can I meet with someone at a peer level before making my decision?" How would you handle this request? And what questions might be asked in this type of meeting?

OK, candidates, now it's your turn. Following are the select best of the recommended questions you can and should ask at each level:

Human resource professionals: ^

Are you ready to answer the following questions?

Hiring Managers: ^

Are you ready to answer the following questions?

Headhunters/third-party recruiters: ^

Are you ready to answer the following questions?

Peer-level Interviews: ^

Are you (or one of the peers you have assigned to the interview) ready to answer the following candidate questions?

Candidate Questions: ^

Does an interview consist only of the interviewer asking questions? No! You will have an opportunity to ask questions. Make sure they are good ones.

Following is a list of the Top Five Questions to ask in each type of interview:

Human Resources (HR):

Peer Interview:

Hiring Manager Interview:

OK, that last one isn't a question. But if you haven't said it yet, you better say it at the end of the interview!

Are there any questions you would like to suggest for adding to this list? If so, please send them to our attention.