E-commerce Assistant

Mammoth Headwear

Sunnyvale, CA

Hey guys, I’m looking to hire my first employee to help with order fulfillment and customer service. I started Mammoth Headwear in 2020 and have been growing quickly in the last 6 months. I sell hats to people with larger heads that can't fit into a standard hat.

The job is around 15 hours a week and will start with Monday/Wednesday/Friday shifts. I just moved into a small warehouse in north Sunnyvale. You will be required to lift some very heavy boxes so keep that in mind. Here are some of the daily requirements:

- process orders first thing in the morning. (Print shipping labels and box inserts)

- label and pack merchandise into boxes

- place boxes outside for pickup and in some cases drive some to UPS

- stock merchandise as it runs low on fulfillment shelves

- keep track of current stock to create new orders from the factory

- answer customer support emails and phone calls (I have someone overseas that does most of this but may need help)

You will need:

4-5 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 9 am to work

A car for dropping off boxes occasionally. Any car is fine.

Be able to lift 60-70 pound boxes comfortably