Mobile Engineering at Lyft (REMOTE)


New York, NY (Nationwide)

Mobile Engineering at Lyft 

Welcome to Lyft’s Mobile Engineering Virtual Experience Program. We’re thrilled to have you here with us!

So what is a virtual experience program? It is a unique opportunity for you to take on practical tasks similar to what our own Lyft engineers would work on and get a true feel of what it’s like to work here as a mobile engineer.

In this program, you’ll develop key technical skills such as practicing programming languages like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. After finishing each module, you’ll be provided with work sample answers from the Lyft team. This gives you the chance to see how our top engineers would have approached each task so that you can learn from them. You’ll also get a certificate upon completion that you can include on your resume and reference in an interview when you apply.

We hope that in this program, you’ll get the chance to not only explore the technical work done at Lyft but also gain insight into our values and what makes us stand out amongst others in the industry. Here at Lyft, we are a community-driven organization focused on bringing the world together, one ride at a time. Our core values of Be yourself, Uplift others, and Make it happen, are woven into our culture. At the center of our values are inclusion and diversity efforts. We focus on inclusion and diversity through a focus on our four foundational pillars: Workplace, Workforce, Marketplace, and Accountability.

  • Workplace: At Lyft, we promote an inclusive workplace. We invest resources into our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help the whole team live out Lyft’s core values. ERGs have been an important part of starting company-wide initiatives such as our Gender Identity & Affirmation Policy.
  • Workforce: We don’t just want to hire top, diverse talent—we want to make sure that all talent is supported throughout their career journey, from hiring onwards. Lyft works closely with leadership to track hiring, career development, and advancement to ensure that this happens.
  • Marketplace: We are not just looking inwards for growth and change. As industry leaders, we continuously partner with various forward-thinking organizations and conferences to achieve our goals of providing safe, accessible transport for all.
  • Accountability: We’ve integrated accountability metrics into our process to hold ourselves responsible for our goals and to push for even greater progress.

We can’t wait for you to showcase your skills during this program and learn more about a potential career at Lyft! Join us and tackle the task of revolutionizing transportation, through the Lyft app and beyond.

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