Entry level biotech rep / sales

Secondcell Bio

New York, NY (Nationwide)

Looking for entry level as well as experienced candidates, including college and graduate students. Nationwide and abroad.

This job is not for everyone, and you can also use it as a stepping-stone to your next position somewhere else. But if you are high-energy, enjoy independence, are good at connecting with and engaging with other people, like having fun at work and making your own career and earning based on your own successes and results that you create, then, this job may be exactly what will be a great fit for you.

We look forward to onboarding many entrepreneurial individuals who like to shape, build and create their own opportunities. THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING SECONDCELL BIO!


Our newly published and multi-use cell engineering technology originating from The Rockefeller University has applications in basic research, drug discovery and cell therapy. Help us roll out it out among researchers in academic and biopharma researchers in your local university or any lab in your location.

  • Host journal clubs in your own lab, other university labs or other universities anywhere: research and discuss contemporary cell engineering methods with interested researchers AND/OR:
  • Go Lab-door to Lab-door introducing our newly published cell engineering technology to potentially interested laboratory researchers.
  • Fully remote role, with monthly reports and virtual touch-base meetings required, with more communication possible for those interested.
  • Scientific publication of the technology: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10529-021-03101-5


  • Background in cell and molecular biology AND/OR sales experience preferred.
  • Good with interacting with people and introducing new products with email follow-ups.
  • Communicating and discussion scientific ideas and innovations will allow for deeper involvement and growth, but not required for initial outreach / sales job.


  • Pay options include salary or hourly pay and/or commission structure. Salary and hourly pay options are possible for successful candidates after a 2-4 week trial period.
  • Commission structure is steep and may be even more lucrative for qualified candidates.
  • To start: this is a 1099 position. Persons paid on a 1099 basis are independent contractors and are self-employed. Independent contractors are required to pay all self-employment taxes (Social Security & Medicare) as well as income tax. Independent contractors generally do not receive any type of employment benefits from the client. For more information please refer to irs.gov or talk with a tax professional.

Growth: For those who excel and find a good fit within Secondcell, we will explore additional opportunities that match the candidates qualifications and the company's growing needs.

Location: Any city anywhere not only in the US but all over.


  • If you are a biologist or have biology background. please be familiar with at least the first item below, the scientific publication of the novel cell engineering method termed Chromovert Technology.

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